MONICA PEARSON: One on One with Jimmie Allen and Jeff Foxworthy

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - In the latest One on One with Monica Pearson, she talks to country singer Jimmie Allen and comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

Jimmie Allen is a country music singer and songwriter. His first two hits were “Best Shot” and “Make Me Want To.” Allen was the first Black artists to have two consecutive number one songs on a debut album.

Allen grew up in Milton, Delaware, and moved to Nashville in 2007. He initially lived in a trailer with no electricity and had three jobs.

Monica talks to Jimmie about his career and how he was shaped by his upbringing in Delaware. Jimmie also talks about his newest song, which pays tribute to his late father. He also tells Monica how his father was the only person who could help him with a disorder that he still struggles with.

Monica Pearson first interviewed well-known comedian, actor, writer and producer Jeff Foxworthy 20 years ago.

In her new interview with Foxworthy, they talk about family, his career, being a redneck, his faith, and his effort to help those in the metro Atlanta community.