Watch party held for Atlanta native Termarr Johnson selected in 2022 MLB draft

Termarr Johnson among first Atlanta high schoolers selected in top 5 of MLB draft in history

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Getting drafted and playing in the MLB is a dream for millions of baseball enthusiasts around the world. That dream is now a reality for Atlanta native Termarr Johnson, who was selected No. 4 overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday evening.

Johnson’s supporters hosted a watch party Sunday night as they awaited the highly anticipated 2022 MLB draft. When Johnson walked across the stage, the room filled with jubilance.

“I’m really proud of him for all the hard work that he has put in. I know that grind every day. So, we’re proud that he stayed committed to it,” said Eastern Connecticut State baseball player Zion Walker. Walker played with Termarr’s older brother Tervell Johnson for a traveling baseball team. “I am really happy I have the leadership with like the older guys. Me playing with his older brother. I know his older brothers, mom, and dad really care about him and love him. So it was really cool this summer that I played with him again.”

Tervell is expected to head to Arizona State to play baseball. Johnson’s family and friends hope he will continue to inspire future generations to come, especially across Georgia.

“It is really motivational. All the hard work they put in. I am proud of him and I am proud of MLB as well to see how diverse and how it’s come for people like me,” Walker added. “My dad said, ‘the MLB isn’t what it use to be in terms of diversity,’ so it’s really good to see someone who looks like me, who acts like me. To not only put himself in a position and others to come after him to break some stereotypes,” Walker continued.

Three of the top four players selected in the 2022 MLB draft Sunday night also went to Georgia area high schools.

Johnson played baseball at Benjamin Elijah Mays High School; he is among the first native Atlantans to come out of high school and be selected in the top 5 in the MLB draft; he is also among the first African-Americans in more than a decade to get selected in the MLB draft out of high school.

Miles Montgomery

Miles Montgomery

Miles Montgomery is a Digital Content Producer for CBS46.