INTERVIEW: Chef Willie Holmes talks The Masked Baker season five!

FoodyTV’s baking competition headed to Atlanta soon

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - FoodyTV’s The Masked Baker takes the idea behind Fox’s The Masked Singer to the next level. Host Chef Willie Holmes says The Masked Baker isn’t a guessing game or popularity contest; he wants the contestants to be judged solely on their skills and creativity. For example, Holmes says, the first season’s winner won by deep frying cupcakes.

Holmes said “you can give someone the same recipe, but each chef will execute it differently. So it’s all about that chef’s skill set, that chef’s talent, that chef’s creativity, and that chef’s ability to reinvent a classic or just think outside the box.”

Season five’s theme is “international desserts.” The show is currently filming in Houston, and the theme is designed to highlight Houston’s diversity as well as current events around the world.

The Masked Baker season five is also the last to film in Houston before it goes out on the road, and Atlanta will be its first stop! Follow @chefwillieholmes on Instagram to keep up with the application process.

In the meantime, season five starts July 30 on FoodyTV.

Alexandra Parker

Alexandra Parker joined CBS46 as a Digital Content Producer in July 2022.