Atlanta has seventh-largest homes in United States

Memphis has largest homes in top 50 metro areas

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Atlanta has the seventh-largest homes by square footage, according to a new study by Clever Real Estate. The median size of a home in Atlanta is 2,143 square feet. The median square footage across the United States is 2,356 square feet.

Memphis has the largest homes in the nation, clocking in at 2,630 square feet. Salt Lake City was the only other metro with homes larger than the national median at 2,423 square feet.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Miami has the smallest homes in the nation with a median of 1,376 square feet.

The study also noted the per square feet price of homes. A home in Atlanta costs $182 per square foot, just above the national median of $169. That’s a 310 percent increase since 1980.

Alexandra Parker

Alexandra Parker joined CBS46 as a Digital Content Producer in July 2022.