Monica Pearson One on One: Yung Joc

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - He’s best known for his hit single, “Its Goin’ Down.” After topping the Billboard charts, Atlanta native Jasiel Robinson - AKA Yung Joc - found a home on Streetz 94.5 where he’s hosting a hit morning show and stars in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

“I really feel like ‘Jasiel’ is the grown man side of me,” he said. “‘Jasiel’ is the ‘hold on, let’s do this the proper way.’ Young Joc is spontaneous, sporadic, jump out the window. ‘Jasiel’ is calculated, strategic savvy.”


It was the strategic side of him that kept his growing career as a rapper under wraps.

“I was doing it quietly,” he said. “I wasn’t known for rapping. People in the school didn’t know I was going to the studio and stuff like that.”

It was also his “Jasiel side” that made him take an offer to do radio, with no prior experience, after he noticed how people reacted to him doing reality TV.

“I can become a voice of reason for a lot of people,” he said.

Marriage also has brought structure and drama for all to see on TV. He and Kendra Robinson will celebrate their first wedding anniversary in November.


“This season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ is the most challenging for me yet. Because as you see, things are coming outta my past to catch up with me. Who’s still dealing with consequences and things of such of his past. So by day I may have on a business suit because I’ve turned a new leaf and I’m this guy who’s cleaned up and refined. I’m still dealing with issues that I may have caused or created when I wasn’t the guy who wears suits. I wasn’t as clean and refined. So when you see it, it’s a struggle.”

This is Joc’s second marriage. His first produced three children in 12 years and subsequent relationships produced five more. But now there is a ninth.

“I’m dealing with some challenges this season, but I let my kids know 100 percent, I’m here, I’m human, I’m for y’all,” he said. “Even if it don’t look like that all the time. We’ve had some really tough challenges this season because of some of my past transgressions.”


Joc and Kendra Wilkinson have been attending marriage counseling.

“I really think that counseling should be praised in my community as much as church, because isn’t that why you going to church to be the better version of yourself?,” he said.

Yung Joc also shared with Monica Pearson some exclusive details on his next big career move.

“So I have been working on a lot of projects, and that’s about to drop soon,” he said. “It’s gonna catch a lot of people off guard.”