Atlanta mourns Queen Elizabeth’s passing with public viewing of funeral

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Atlantans spent Monday morning mourning the loss of a legendary monarch: The Queen of England.

“The death of Queen Elizabeth the second marks the end of an era in our world’s history,” said Robb Pitts, the chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. “It has been awe-inspiring. Clearly, she was loved and respected worldwide.”

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People gathered at The World Athlete’s Monument, a gift to Atlanta from King Charles, to watch Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on a big screen.

“I didn’t actually know of the monument’s existence before this, so to know that I can look out my window now and see it and have a connection physically in Atlanta to my home, my country, where I come from is beyond incredible,” said Jayden White.

White is an international student raised in the United Kingdom and now studying at SCAD. He thought he’d just watch the queen’s funeral alone, so he was excited to be a part of Monday’s event.

“To come together with friends and family and people who are like-minded: humbleness, and kindness, and pay their respects to her majesty. It’s more than I could ask for,” said White.

Local leaders also attended the event, reminiscing on the queen’s ties to the city.

“Before the 1996 World Olympics, the British consulate considered inviting the queen to visit and honor the athletes,” said Pitts.

Though Her Majesty never made it here, her influence is still felt.

“To see the presence and effect that has worldwide to people all around, especially as you can see here today, it’s been amazing,” said White.

Madeline Montgomery

Madeline Montgomery

Madeline Montgomery is a reporter on Atlanta News First, covering the morning news Saturdays through Wednesdays.