Monica Pearson One on One: Bert Weiss

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Bert Weiss has been at the same radio station for more than two decades, owns his show, and is syndicated. He also believes in making children’s dreams come true.

Over 21 years, sidekicks have changed, even the radio frequency has changed from Q100 to 99.7 but one thing hasn’t: Bert Weiss headlining the Bert Show.

“It has been a big adventure,” Weiss recently told Peachtree TV’s Monica Pearson. “I was not expecting any of this. We literally had a brand new signal, Q100 back in the day. We had zero listeners. So I remember being so stressed out and the fear of failure was so debilitated and I had to go on anxiety meds.”

Weiss eventually came to own his show during a contract year. “I wanted to be my own boss, and if I was going to go into other radio stations, I wanted to listen to what everybody said, but I wanted inevitably to be able to make my own decisions. So I turned it into my own. It’s a Bert Show LLC, and it’s our own show.”

A total of 25 stations carry the Bert Show, and Weiss has also entered the world of podcasting, with about four million listeners a month downloading the show.

“Listeners who have been listening from the beginning have sort of grown with us,” Weiss said. “Also, I was very open about talking about my divorce on the show. Also, now I’m getting remarried and I talked about my new relationship also. We don’t try to hide too much and we try to be as vulnerable and honest as we can be and life is messy. And people understand that.”

Bert’s gift to the community is his nonprofit, Bert’s Big Adventure. Children who are chronically or terminally ill and their families are treated to a week at Disney World, all expenses paid. So far, 257 families have benefited over 20 years.

“It really is magical because one of the requirements for the families is that this has to be their first trip to Disney World,” he said. “And you have to remember these are kids and families just don’t have a lot of time to spend with each other. There’s no such thing as a schedule; in a lot of cases, there’s no such thing as a vacation.”

Weiss is going on his own big adventure next year: marrying his girlfriend of five years, Tiffany Haynes.