Monica Pearson One on One: Bishop Marvin Sapp

ATLANTA, Ga. (Peachtree TV) - Bishop Marvin Sapp is a faith leader and also a vocalist who has had two hit songs on the gospel, hip-hop and R&B charts.

“We couldn’t put it all in the film, but I was kind of out there at the age of 12,” Sapp recently told legendary Atlanta journalist Monica Pearson. “I began to smoke marijuana. At 16, I began to drink nd pop pills. At 18, I snorted my first line of cocaine in the basement of my job with my boss.”

All the while, Sapp was attending church every Sunday and singing - and then directing - the church choir.

“Even though I was very rebellious, there was one rule in the house that we all had to abide by,” he said. “And that is, is every Sunday you going to church. I don’t care what you do during the week, you will be in that church on Sunday morning.”

Even though Sapp said he was close to the church, “the church wasn’t in me. And, the death of a very close cousin is what transitioned and transformed my life.”

“I honestly committed my life to Christ and I had to deal with some stuff because I made the decision to stop doing all the foolishness that I was doing. But even with that, it made me a better individual.

Sapp described himself as a preacher who sings. “That’s exactly who I am.”