INTERVIEW: Author Tiran Jackson joins Atlanta News First

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Life coach and author Tiran Jackson’s life changed in an instant. His wife died in a boating accident, and that same accident forced his doctors to amputate his left leg to save his life. The accident left him reeling.

Despite how suddenly and tragically his life had been altered and how challenging it would be, he was determined to bounce back from these setbacks. Tiran made a conscious decision to choose to be resilient, despite how difficult the road may be. He struggled with grief, survivor’s remorse, emotional breakdown, loss of confidence in himself physically and mentally, adapting to life as a single father, and so much more. However, in the process of overcoming these challenges, he developed a newfound strength and resiliency.

Jackson joined Atlanta News First to talk about his book Choosing Resilence and how to overcome tragedy.