Atlanta professional shares top wellness tips for 2023

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - It’s 2023 and many people may look for ways to improve their lives.

It’s a time to recharge, reset and reevaluate things or habits one wants to change.

One Atlanta professional is sharing her top wellness tips in areas of finance, mental health, nutrition, and physical health.

Brittany Dixon is a rising voice-over artist, TV host, actress, and wellness enthusiast on YouTube and social media.

She posts a variety of different exercise and nutrition-based videos.

Collectively, her YouTube videos have gained over 1.5 million views helping people with their fitness goals from Atlanta to Brazil.

Additionally, she creates easy-to-follow cooking videos giving her audience healthy recipe ideas.

Many of her exercises are inspired by everyday living or “functional fitness”, created to strengthen your daily activities like walking upstairs while carrying groceries or picking and placing down heavy objects properly.

Her focus and control of her body have inspired many to make their lives better and healthier.

Jamarlo Phillips

Jamarlo Phillips

Jamarlo Phillips is Digital Content Producer for Atlanta News First and Peachtree TV.