Rescue farm brings joy to Atlanta seniors

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - We get the love we give: that’s the motto of Joyous Acres, a Metro Atlanta program for seniors facing declining health that gets them interacting with rescue animals.

It’s produced some pretty remarkable results, too.

The property is maintained by Atlanta News First Anchor Joy Lim Nakrin and her family.

It opened in 2021.

It is a rescue farm, a place for the animals humans decided were too old, slow or out of shape. It’s a dream come true for Joy’s mother.

This is a space where animals come to heal, but it is also a place where the animals get to create spaces of healing for other people.

A group of seniors from Village Park Milton came to visit.

“It is wonderful! The whole atmosphere is wonderful. How could it be more beautiful!” one visitor said.

They will find value in animals others saw as disposable.

Andrew Nakrin, Joy’s father, said “Every morning I come into the barn and I say, ‘Good morning! Good morning! Hello! Hello!”

There are no rejects at Joyous Acres. There are second chances and success stories.

“We love them, they return the we are sharing it with other seniors,” said Betty Lim King. “We do our little bit to make this world a better place.”

Sawyer Buccy

Sawyer Buccy

Sawyer Buccy is a reporter for Atlanta News First, Atlanta. She comes to Atlanta from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she told community-focused stories of resilience.