Local chef to host interactive biscuit-making class at Atlanta’s oldest market

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Some flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Simple ingredients to make a better biscuit. But generations of knowledge make a bomb biscuit.

“I guess you could say it’s my passion, I just want to go off and teach the gospel of biscuits, and biscuit baking,” said Chef Erika Council.

Council has poured more than three decades of wisdom into her baking business, “Bomb Biscuit Company.” Now, she’s sharing the biscuit basics and roots of her inspiration in a new book.

“When I was growing up, African Americans could make everything from sourdough to molasses, fermented bread, and I just wanted to reflect that, when I explain how I got here and what drove me to be here, it’s the African Americans that impacted my life through food and a lot of other things, cause I love to eat,” she shared.

Giving up a successful career as a software engineer, Council delved into her love for baking.

Her book “Still We Rise: A Love Letter to Southern Biscuits with Over 70 Sweet and Savory Recipes” highlights black culinary excellence while offering a guide on how to become your own bomb biscuit maker.

A step inside Bomb Biscuit Company is a reflection of Council’s inspirations, including her grandmother, Mildred “Mama Dip” Council — a teacher, legendary soul food chef, and activist who cooked and baked to support the Civil Rights movement.

“Like I said, I grew up in this business,” Council said. “So I wanted to make sure her pictures were on the wall so people can see what inspired me to get to this point.”

Council knows it’s the biscuits that bring people in, but the food for the soul that fills them up.

“It’s kind of a pocket-sized warm ball of joy. Just because of all the joy it brought me, from the people who made them for me, to me making them now.”

Biscuit lovers can experience authentic biscuits at the Historic Market Food Tour. The immersive culinary experience includes tastings from five of Municipal Market’s most loved vendors followed by a hands-on cooking class.

To get your ticket for the tour, click here. To learn how to make your own bomb biscuits, you can find Council’s book here.