Slutty Vegan executive chef helps parents navigate a better breakfast

Sugar has the power to take you up and crash your right back down.

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Now that the Halloween candy is gone, likely gobbled up by the kids and adults in the house, it’s time to cut back on sweets and other unhealthy foods.

Studies show kids are likely to get most of their allotted sugar intake during breakfast.

The executive chef of the Slutty Vegan, Jumoke Jackson, says even though ready-to-eat cereals are fast and easy on busy mornings, you should avoid them at all costs. He says the average bowl of cereal can have up to six tablespoons of added sugar.

“It takes you up and then it crashes you down and breakfast is breaking a fast,” said Chef Jumoke Jackson. “You’ve been sleeping overnight for six and eight hours.”

Instead, Chef Jackson recommends foods rich in calcium, iron, and high-fiber carbohydrates. He says you can get those healthy ingredients by preparing a smoothie or any other food where you control the ingredients.

“Granola, all of those things that you can doctor-up, add fruit on top of it, add the things that they’re going to like and kind of lean toward,” said Chef Jackson.

Jackson’s pro tip, shop the perimeter of the grocery store. That is where you’ll find the freshest foods, including produce, meat, and dairy. Fresh foods are generally healthier than the processed foods you’ll find in the center aisles.

Chef Jackson is also out with a cookbook called What Your Kid Should Eat. It’s an E-book that helps you better understand which foods are rich in vitamins.

Don  Shipman

Don Shipman

Don Shipman is a morning reporter and anchor at Atlanta News First where he highlights the good that’s happening throughout metro Atlanta.