Atlanta’s first pro volleyball team unveils inaugural schedule

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Atlanta’s first pro volleyball team has unveiled the schedule for its first season.

The Atlanta Vibe will play in the Pro Volleyball Federation alongside teams from Columbus, Ohio, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Omaha, Orlando, San Diego and Las Vegas. The Vibe will play their games at Gas South Arena in Duluth.

Head Coach Todd Dagenais and middle blocker Shelly Fanning came to Atlanta News First to talk about the team. Dagenais said Atlanta is known for its avid sports enthusiasm, which he hopes will extend to the new team.

The Vibe’s schedule begins with a match at the Omaha Supernovas on Jan. 24, and the home slate will open Feb. 1 with a match against San Diego.

The season closes May 2 with a home match against the Columbus Fury. The Vibe will play each four times for a total of 24 matches. There will be 12 home matches and 12 away matches.

The full schedule can be found below.

  • Jan. 24 at Omaha
  • Jan. 26 at Orlando
  • Feb. 1 vs. San Diego
  • Feb. 9 vs. Grand Rapids
  • Feb. 12 vs. Orlando
  • Feb. 18 at Grand Rapids
  • Feb. 29 vs. Omaha
  • March 2 at San Diego
  • March 4 at Las Vegas
  • March 9 vs. Las Vegas
  • March 14 at Omaha
  • March 21 vs. Orlando
  • March 24 at Columbus
  • March 27 vs. Columbus
  • March 30 vs. San Diego
  • Apr. 1 at Grand Rapids
  • Apr. 8 at Las Vegas
  • Apr. 10 at San Diego
  • Apr. 13 Omaha
  • Apr. 16 Grand Rapids
  • Apr. 19 at Columbus
  • Apr. 21 at Orlando
  • Apr. 28 vs. Las Vegas
  • May 2 vs. Columbus

You can learn more, including how to buy tickets, here.