Monica Pearson One on One: Big Tigger

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Darian Morgan is a radio personality who is also a nationally known TV personality. He was host of BET’s 106 & Park and Rap City, and this native New Yorker now calls Atlanta home.

You know him as Big Tigger. His show on V103 is called the Morning Culture with Big Tigger, but he calls it something else.

“I made up a word: info-edu-tainment,” he told Peachtree TV’s Monica Pearson. “Every morning, when you wake up, we’re going to give you some entertainment; we’re going to give you some education; we’re going to teach you something you didn’t know and you’re going to be entertained.

“Most people don’t get up and go to a job that they love,” he said. “Most people get up and go to a job that pays the bills. And as you’re on the way there, you’re probably not excited about going. So, while you are on your way, we love to give you something you can smile about, laugh about; talk about to make it a little easier as you transition into that work day.”


Big Tigger was the afternoon guy at V103 from 2013 until 2020 when he was moved to mornings after Frank Ski left. It isn’t the first time he’s replaced a big name in a market; in 2010, he replaced the legendary Donnie Simpson in Washington DC.

Big Tigger got his start as an intern in 1993, while he was attending the University of Maryland College Park. That’s also where he got his nickname after an upper classman said he looked like the Disney character when he smiled.

“When I got my first job in radio, they asked, what do you want to call yourself? I said, everyone is calling me Tigger. So let’s go with Tigger. Big Tigger came about later on. I was writing an article for now defunct magazine called Blaze. I was on BET doing Rap City, and I still had my radio show and somebody said, you’re doing big things. You should change the name to Big Tigger. And here we are.”


Big Tigger turned 50 this year, and he credits his longevity to being in a business that makes him feel young.

“I’ve been on this really amazing path which has enabled me to stay in tune with popular music popular culture over the past 28 years, and it keeps me young,” he said. Luckily, this job helps me stay current. I’m always on top of the music because of doing radio and television. I’m also a DJ, so it pays to be up on the current trends on things.”